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New name,
same great communities

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Realty SA

Realty SA has a new brand that better represents the truly national organisation that we have become.

While our name has changed, our mission hasn't. We continue to plan, develop and create better communities. Welcome to Fairland.

Better communities

We have always considered ourselves a community company. From the start, Fairmont Group was about building quality homes that the average working family could afford. That hasn't changed, but, as we've grown and developed, the picture has become a lot bigger.

Today, as Fairland we are building communities and our focus has become much more people-oriented. It's not just about pleasant streets and nice homes, it about diversity of lifestyle, it’s about safe and sustainable environments, it's about providing for local commercial ventures, shopping centres, schools, open spaces with playgrounds, sports-fields, medical clinics - everything that gives people a sense of place.

Our thinking doesn't stop at the front gate. Our communities are not islands, but integral extensions of their existing neighbourhoods. We embrace the individual dynamics of these neighbourhoods, and incorporate them into our communities. We become involved through sponsorships, charitable donations, and specially-funded building projects. Creating Better Communities is about creating environments where people feel safe and happy.


Liveable communities


Not everybody wants the same lifestyle - taste, personality, age, kids or no kids all play a part in how we live. It's this diversity that makes life interesting, and broadens people's perspectives. And that's exactly what the Fairland has done – we've broadened our perspectives.

Creating better communities means embracing diversity. Our residential mix has never been so diverse - 2 and 3 storey apartment buildings, mews dwellings, terraced housing, and studio lofts have been incorporated into the traditional courtyard and family home mix. People love individuality, and the more diversity within a community, the more people feel like individuals.

Part of that diversity also includes what we term an Activity Centre - the commercial and community hub of our new developments. Depending on the requirements of the area, we allow for a range of commercial ventures, like a local shopping centre, various speciality stores, or even medical centres. Working with the local authorities, we may also plan for a school and child-care facilities. These types of developments engender community spirit and loyalty.

Open space is another important aspect of our developments. Our communities have a number of reserves and parks which are linked by walking and cycling trails. We also incorporate as much of the naturally existing environment as possible - things like significant trees, creeks, wetlands, and even historical ruins have been retained in our developments.

We bring all these aspects of planning together to create communities that are diverse, dynamic, and very liveable.


Committed to the environment.

Sustainability and the environment are core components of every project and development Fairland undertakes.

More than that, it's an attitude that affects the way we work, think and plan. Sustainability and the environment go hand in hand, and are essential elements in building better communities, now and into the future, as we project forward to the generations that will follow. As a developer, we’ve been at the forefront of water conservation and energy efficiency. Creating sustainable communities is not an easy thing to do, but the results have been well‐worth the time and effort.




Careers at Fairland

We are constantly seeking experienced and enthusiastic workers across a range of fields. Should you believe that you fit this description, please send an email to employment@fairland.com.au

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