New land at Almond Grove
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New stage released!
land from

Introducing 5085.
Terrace Living at Enfield from just $419,999.

New stage released!
land from

House & land
from $330,000!
Saltwater Release at
Largs now selling.

New stage released!
land from

House & Land at Largs
Now selling, get in quick!

Fairland don't just sell land, we create communities. Safe and sustainable environments that connect people and give them a sense of belonging.

Land at Seaford Heights
From just
Vista, Seaford Heights
Land at Seaford Meadows
From just
South at Seaford Meadows
House and Land Packages
From just
House and Land Packages
Land at Munno Para
From just
Almond Grove, Munno Para
Land at Enfield
From just
Northrige, Enfield
Homes for Sale
From just
Homes for Sale


Area m² to

Block Width * m to m

Price $,000 to $,000

SA North
SA South

Better communities for nearly 30 years.

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Over 6,000 allotments

We've provided an affordable path to home ownership for thousands of young families. 6,000 allotments sold and the many completed thriving communities are a testament to our success.

More than just a home

It's not just about pleasant streets and nice homes, it's about diversity of lifestyle. Safe and sustainable environments that gives people a sense of being 'home'.

The environment

Sustainability and the environment are core components of every project and development Fairland undertakes.

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